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Is your horse having any health or performance issues?

We can provide relief for:

Sore Back, shoulders and stifles

Tendon Issues

Chronic soreness and pain

Non-union fractures


Stone bruises and abscesses

Arthritis and more . . .

We also provide a session for General Wellness.

Magna Wave PEMF sessions improve suppleness and range of motion as well as quick recovery after exertion.


We offer several treatment options and can cater to your horses individual needs.

General Wellness treatment is a whole horse treatment. Acupuncture master and trigger points are stimulated for a deep relaxing session. This takes 30-40 minutes. If any areas present themselves as sensitive, those areas will be treated and included in the session. Initial session may last up to 1 hr.


Pre-Competition Protocol. This is a session to relax as well as recharge the body. Increase range of motion and calm the mind.

$40 (20 min)

Post-Competition Protocol. This is a Wind Down session after competition, to relax and relieve soreness or over exertion. A deep massage of the whole body

$40.(20 min)

Inflammation reduction, chronic and acute. Acupuncture points are stimulated on the periphery as well as the target area of inflammation so the area is bathed in oxygenated blood long after the treatment is over.

$40 per session 20 minutes or more.

Tendon or Ligament Injury Protocol.

$40 per session (20 min)

Stone Bruise and Abscesses protocol. Abscesses are usually pulled out in two sessions. Acupuncture points are targeted for pain relief in the hoof.

$20-40. (10-20 min)

Senior Horse Wellness * Fall special $45.

30 minute session, acupuncture point stimulated for relief of stiff joints and over all body pain and inflammation


10% Discount for four or more sessions per week.

Multiple horse (4+) and Trainer discounts available.

Small Animals:


Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits, Pigs and more. Treatment protocols times vary greatly depending on the goals. We have seen tumors shrink and incontinence relieved. We are happy to work with your Veterinarian on any specific goals. We have access to a wide array of treatment protocols as Magnawave Certified Practitioners. Our base rate is $2 per minute. 10 minute minimum. We come to you so there may be a travel charge if you live outside of our base range.

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Special promotion!

GET 25% OFF Your first purchase!

Send us your name and email address and we'll send you a coupon!